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What makes a house a home?

Your house, apartment provides you a shelter, but it’s not necessarily a home. A home is where, as they say “the heart is”. A home is a safe emotional haven, a place to feel comfortable and at peace, a place that’s warm, inviting and reflects your personal taste. It holds all your favorite things in the right place, organized for your personal need, but it’s also about feeling free to make a mess. It’s a personal space where you can spend the whole day in your pyjamas watching your favorite movie, play video games or listen to your favorite records, in other words it allows people to do what they want and truly to be themselves.

What makes a house a home?

With this website we will try to provide inspiration and ideas to transform your house into a warm, welcoming home.

Until then here are some ideas to help with that, the “can’t-live-without”, warm-fuzzy stuff.

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