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Cool vinyl record storage ideas

Every record collection needs a good home. So if you started one, you’ll soon find out that storing your record collection and turntable setup can be quite a challenge. The most important rule is to never stock your record one on another. The most healthy way of keeping your collection are rows of vertically set records, but not too tight – just enough to easily take them out and keep them vertical at the same time. The result of keeping records in stacks or leaned rows is warping them. Below you find a couple of neat record storage ideas for your inspiration. Also if you’re getting serious about record collecting you should check out this list of vinyl and turntable accessories designed to help your vinyl and record player stay in good shape for longer.

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Record covers as wall art

If you’re looking for a unique way to decorate your room, that will reflect your personality and taste in music, you can use your old records collection that is collecting dust or the newest vinyl you bought and hang them on the walls in some stylish vinyl record display frames. With the vibrant colors, cool graphics and familiar artist names, it’s no wonder why some people choose to have their vinyl collection to be an important part of their home decor. This method of decorating is perfect for records collectors, music lovers or art enthusiasts. Thanks to the frame’s unique “flip” design you can change your displayed record cover and contents within seconds, without having to take the frame from the wall. There are lots of different display frame styles on the market, from modern and thin to the traditional matted look.

If you don’t own vinyl you can take a look at this showcase of beautifully designed album cover art and choose a few for your next home decorating project. Also, check this list of the best records players under $500.

Here are some great examples of record display ideas, so don’t hide your vinyl collection, put them on display and use the design on the covers as affordable art!

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