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Cool vinyl record storage ideas

Every record collection needs a good home. So if you started one, you’ll soon find out that storing your record collection and turntable setup can be quite a challenge. The most important rule is to never stock your record one on another. The most healthy way of keeping your collection are rows of vertically set records, but not too tight – just enough to easily take them out and keep them vertical at the same time. The result of keeping records in stacks or leaned rows is warping them. Below you find a couple of neat record storage ideas for your inspiration. Also if you’re getting serious about record collecting you should check out this list of vinyl and turntable accessories designed to help your vinyl and record player stay in good shape for longer.

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Blow – The floating paper shelves

YOY, a Japanese design studio created Blow, a wall shelf that looks like a stack of paper blowed up in the wind. It is formed by bending A4 size thin steel plates with molds into five different types of shapes and can be used both upside and downside.



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Bookshelf designs inspired by trees

Bookshelves play a big role in interior design all over the world. They provide storage space not only for books but also art objects or all sorts of collections, from dvds to vinyl records. The following unique shelving ideas are inspired by the love of nature and can add your room a little more natural feeling. Enjoy the fruit of knowledge from the braches of a beautiul tree-like shelf.



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DIY hanging rope shelf ideas

Rope is great all-purpose craft material, so here is a great idea on how to use it in your home.


Rope shelves can offer a stylish way to decorate your home and create functional shelves in just a couple of hours. They can be perfect for the living or dining room, kitchen or the bathroom, as a decorative display or a simple shelving space. All you need is threaded rope, a couple of wooden planks, and one or more hooks to hang them. Here are a couple of examples to inspire you to make your own.


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7 easy DIY upcycle and repurpose ideas

Inspiration series about finding a creative, beautiful purpose for salvaged materials.

1. Sweater pumpkins
Turn an old sweater into a pumpkin for Halloween.


2. Vintage suitcase table
Repurpose old hard-sided suitcases by transforming them in a functional table. The vintage luggage will add retro feeling to your home.

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