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35 small balcony ideas

For those living in a big city, a balcony allows you to enjoy some fresh air and relax outdoor without living your apartment. A beautifully organized small balcony can extend your home, connecting your rooms with nature in an attractive way. We think it’s a good idea to make it as comfortable and welcoming as you can, and not using it only for hanging clothes or having an extra storage space in it. With just a few elements you can create a really intimate, outdoor lounge where you can relax, have a cup of coffee or read a book. An outdoor rug, one or two chairs, a couple of decorative pillows and some plants and flowers can make a big difference in creating a gorgeous, unique open air space. Here are some examples to help you with designing a beautiful balcony. Check out these small balcony ideas:



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32 indoor vertical garden ideas

A green wall or living wall is a garden that grows vertically, right on the walls, on the inside or outside of a building where space is limited. There are many benefits of an indoor vertical garden, it can act as a filter, improve air quality, control the indoor climate, reduce noise and eliminate pollution. It can turn a wall in your house into something that will please everyone’s eyes. They can be used as a centerpiece for your home, as a part of modern interior design or if you’re growing vegetables, as a never ending food supply.

Here are 32 indoor living wall ideas for your home.



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Growing beautiful plants indoors

Depending on the type of plant you have indoors will determine how you take care of it. Beautiful house plants help keep the air clean, add décor to your home, and are comforting.


General Tips

• Most flowering plants need to be near a sunny window and require up to 16 hours of light per day.

• Water houseplants sparingly and use room temperature water. Add a couple of drops of ammonia to one quart of water to bring out the color of the leaves.

• Have a watering schedule. Mark it down on your calendar. You can train plants to like their watering on certain days and times. Stick to this schedule and your plants will treat you well. Most indoor plants do die from over-watering.

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10 awesome herb planter ideas

Growing herbal plants in containers is a good idea because you have easy access to their wonderful flavors in the kitchen. Most herbs are well-suited for growing in containers and can exist anywhere if they are given the proper amount of sunlight, water, and good soil. But some can become really large at maturity, so be sure to match your herbs to the size of your container. here are some creative exmples for DIY herb planters.

1. Vintage tin box herb planter



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