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Living moss carpet for your bathroom

The Moss Bathroom Mat is a concept design by a Swiss designer, Nguyen La Chanh and is a creative way of bringing a little green in your home. The mat is made out of three types of green mosses, ball moss, island moss and forest moss. It naturally catches the water that drips off you when you step out of the shower or bath tub. Also the humidity of your bathroom helps these mosses to thrive naturally.



While the designer made mat is pretty expensive here is a guide on how to make your own living moss bathmat.

22 outdoor and garden showers and bathrooms inspiration

Outdoor bathrooms can be very practical and relaxing, it can offer you a spa like experience in your home without being very pretentious. If you live in a warmer climate it can be a solution for everyday use or it can be useful if you have a pool and want to take a shower before diving in. So if you have enough space in your garden you can opt for such an outdoor bathroom or shower area. The style and color is up to you. You can choose from vintage to modern, from rustic to minimalistic. Here you can find a few examples that will inspire you.



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Bathroom recycled crate towel storage

Create a beautiful, functional bathroom towel storage for a reused wooden crate. They make a great and cheap storage for your bathroom supplies. Also, rolling towels is a good way to save space an staying organized.



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