Land Peel – Foldable floor mat that transforms into furniture

Land Peel is a foldable, multi-functional furniture developed by Shin Yamashita, a Japanese industrial design student at Kyoto Institute of Technology. It’s a flexible foam floor covering that flips and folds its way into becoming chairs, backrest, footrest, pillow, table, and other pieces of furniture by simply lifting the panels. There’s also a plug for a custom-fitted lamp. It’s a creative portable living area and is ideal for all leisurely activities such as watching television, studying, lying down, or reading a book. Maybe this would only catch on in Japan, where floor-sitting are a cultural norm, but the Land Peel can be very useful item for college students, young children, and visiting friends.

land peel-4

land peel-3

land peel-2

land peel-1

land peel-7

land peel-6

Source and images: Designboom