Fall and Halloween decorations for your home

Since fall starts before Halloween it is easy to decorate for fall and then turn those decorations into fun Halloween decorations. There are many beautiful and creative homemade decorations that you can do around your home.

One that comes to mind is your table Kitchen or dining room either one. If you have an orange cloth table cove, if you don’t you can easily buy a length of orange fabric and cover your table with it. Then you can get a basket and take a walk around your neighborhood and pick up a few pine cones and some twigs, and leaves the colors of fall.

Usually at your grocery store they have all sizes of gourds and usually some pumpkins. Take the basket and put the gourds and pumpkins in the basket. Take the twigs and leaves and use them to wrap yellow cloths like napkins in the twigs and leaves. Use the longer twigs to attach leaves to and put them into glasses as an accent to the basket and napkins.


At Halloween use the pumpkins as the centerpiece for your table lay a small black cloth over the orange cloth and center the pumpkins on it then instead of carving the pumpkins use paint or markers so that the pumpkin doesn’t draw fly’s. On the napkin holders use small ghosts or bats to add to what you already have. Use candles and paper cut outs of different Halloween decorations. Use the candles to project the shape on to the walls.

This can be done as a theme throughout your home. On the front door you can hang a wreath in fall colors and then you can add Halloween decorations when the time comes to change for Halloween. For a beautiful fall decoration an old basket of Indian corn sitting on the porch can turn into a great place to add ghosts and a scarecrow.

As indoor displays candles with flickering lights dress a home for fall add if you add ghosts to the windows or witches the change is easy. Spooky music also can help to change your handmade ornaments for fall into spooky Halloween decorations also turning down lights will help with the effect.


There are many items at craft stores or even dollar stores that can help you with your decorations. They used to say you can wear white after Labor Day but can to tell a ghost that. Whatever you decide to do to decorate have fun with it. That is the fun of the fall season and Halloween. The more fun you put into the holiday the more fun you will have enjoying the holidays and the decorations you put up in your home.





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