7 easy DIY upcycle and repurpose ideas

Inspiration series about finding a creative, beautiful purpose for salvaged materials.

1. Sweater pumpkins
Turn an old sweater into a pumpkin for Halloween.


2. Vintage suitcase table
Repurpose old hard-sided suitcases by transforming them in a functional table. The vintage luggage will add retro feeling to your home.


3. Use wine bottles as lamp shades or lanterns
Make your own cool bottle lamps by recycling empty wine bottles. Its quite simple to make and it makes a chic decorative piece for your home.


 4. Creative flower planters from old shoes
Repurpose your old shoes and boots from your closet and plant them with beautiful flowers for your garden, porch, balcony or deck.


5. Wood crate shelves
Wood crates are perfect for making of all kinds of furniture.


6. Hide your spare house key in an old medicine bottle.
This is one of those things that we should all do, because you never know when you might need it in an emergency. Glue a piece of rock or a pine cone on top of the bottle, put your key in and bury it in the yard or planter.


7. Cute tennis ball stuff holder
Stick a sucker in the back, put on some googly eyes and cut it a mouth. It cand hold any small item thanks to the tennis ball’s rubbery insides.